History of Islam's Arrival in Rejang Lebong

Islam to rejang lebong
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Islam to Rejang Lebong

From a range of theories The introduction of Islam to the Rejang Lebong people took place through the marriage of Ki Karang Nio, the younger brother of Sultan Abdullah who converted to Islam, and Serindang Bulan, the daughter of Sultan Indrapura, also known as "Mudzaffar Syah." Although there are uncertainties about Sultan Mudzafar Syah's past because the Malay kingdom of Malacca was ruled from 1445 to 1458 by a ruler named Sultan Muzaffar Syah, it is unclear if he was from Indrapura Riau or Malacca.

We must investigate the origins of the Rejang Tribe itself in order to determine the approximate time period during which they came into contact with Islam, but judging from the coastal region, a sizable kingdom known as the Selebar Kingdom, made up primarily of the Lembak and Sungai Serut tribes, was established. The Rejang Tribe makes up the majority of the people, and these two kingdoms have links with other significant kingdoms.such as Aceh from the north and Banten from the south from the Selebar kingdom and the Serut River Kingdom, in many historians' opinions that these two northern and southern kingdoms have been led by a King who has embraced Islam. From a geographical point of view, the Rejang tribe who live around the coast has embraced Islam, but of course this is not enough evidence to predict the Rejang tribe who lives in the mountains.

According to this explanation, it is still very difficult for us to pinpoint the exact date that the residents of Rejang embraced Islam, but if we look back 132 years, we have discovered a letter from the Resident of Palembang announcing Arif's appointment as Pesirah Bermani Ulu with the title Depati Tiang Alam. Malay was written in Arabic on the letter, which was written in both Dutch and Malay.The letter of appointment is dated February 15, 1889, however the Dutch text is written in Latin type. Depati Tiang Alam, the head of the Rejang community, can read and grasp (understand) the Arabic Malay script (Malay written in Arabic script) if it is provided to him.Long before Depati Tiang Alam was born, the Rejang Tribe in the "Mountains" is thought to have accepted Islam. It has been established that all of the Rejang tribe's current members are Muslims; the ratio is a very large 1000:1.

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