Princess Gading Cempaka's Story

princess gading cempaka
illustration princess gading cempaka

Princess Gading Cempaka is Ratu Agung's king youngest daughter from the Majapahit Kingdom. According to legend, Princess Gading Cempaka is the ancestor of the kings who once ruled in Bengkulu's Sungai Lemau Kingdom. What's the whole story? Follow Princess Gading Cempaka's story below.

There was once a kingdom called the Serut River Kingdom in the Bengkulu high area, which is now part of the Bengkulu Province. Ratu Agung, a prince from the Majapahit Kingdom in Java, was the kingdom's founder and first king. He is said to be the incarnation of "Bungkuk" mountain's god, who is in charge of regulating life on Earth. Ratu Agung ruled the country prudently. Despite ruling over the Rejang Sawah people, who were tall, sturdy, and large in stature, he was a king who was respected by all.

Ratu Agung was the father of six sons and one daughter. Kelamba Api or Raden Cili, Manuk Mincur, Lemang Batu, Tajuk Rompong, Rindang Papan, Anak Dalam, and Princess Gading Cempaka are the six sons, and Princess Gading Cempaka is the youngest daughter. According to legend, this kingdom became well-known throughout the world not only due to Ratu Agung leadership, but also due to the beauty of Princess Gading Cempaka. Even though she was only a teenager, the Princess's face was stunning, elegant, and charming, like an angel. Many princes have come to ask for her hand in marriage, but the Great Ratu Agung's has turned them all down because the Princess is still too young.

Princess Gading Cempaka matured into a young woman. Similarly, the Great king is growing older. The ruler of the Serut River Kingdom became seriously ill one day. He had a feeling his time was coming to an end. As a result, the King gathered his seven sons and daughters to convey his will to them.

"Oh, my children, your father will not live long in this world, so Father will leave two wills for you," the father said quietly.

Hearing these words, the seven children of the king, particularly Princess Gading Cempaka, became somnolent. When he heard his father's words, he couldn't help but feel sad. Tears streamed down her rosy cheeks slowly.

"Don't say that, Dad; we don't want to lose Father," Princess Gading Cempaka sobbed as she embraced her father.

"That's it, my daughter. All of this has become God Almighty's will. Our fate is all in His hands. We have no power to resist if death comes," Ratu Agung's king said to calm his daughter's heart. After that, the wise and wise king delivered his will.

"In order to uphold the sense of justice, peace, and tranquillity in this country, I willed the throne of the Serut River Kingdom to my son Anak Dalam. I hope that all of you will remain united in joy and sorrow," Ratu Agung said to his sons and daughters as he continued his second will, "If the land of Sungai Serut is afflicted by a major disaster and can no longer be defended, get out of the way to Mount.

Anak Dalam accepted the will of the Sungai Serut Kingdom without any resentment from his five elder brothers. In fact, they strongly support Anak Dalam's election as heir to the throne. A few days later, King Ratu Agung passed away. The entire country was in mourning. Princess Gading Cempaka appeared unable to let go of her father, whom she adored. The princess, on the other hand, could only surrender and hope that her father found peace in the grave.

In kingdom of his father, Anak Dalam was crowned king. The kingdom's name has been changed to Bangkahulu Kingdom. Anak Dalam's king, like his father, is a wise leader who ensures that he and his six brothers live in harmony and peace. His fame quickly spread throughout the world. Furthermore, the beauty of Princess Gading Campaka is increasing awareness of the country. Many nobles and princes have come to propose to her, but none of them have succeeded.

One day, the young king of Aceh, a crown prince from the Kingdom of Aceh, came to propose to the Princess. The prince arrived in a sailing ship with all of his Hulubalang. When the prince arrived at the port of Bangkahulu, he dispatched some of his advisers to the palace to present his proposal to Anak Dalam's king.

"Forgive me, your Majesty. The servant is the envoy of the young king of Aceh from the kingdom of Aceh, and he is currently waiting on the ship that is docked," one of the messengers said while paying respects.

"What can I do for your prince?" asked Anak Dalam's king.

"In fact, my servant came here to convey our master's proposal to Princess Gading Cempaka," the envoy explained.

Anak Dalam's king does not want to make his own decisions. He invited all of his brothers to a meeting to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, the envoys were asked to hold their horses for a moment. They returned to meet the envoys not long after to convey the results of the consensus they had reached.

"Please forgive us, O messenger; we were unable to accept your proposal,"  Anak Dalam's king said.

The messengers were taken aback at the same time. They quickly returned to the dock, disappointed, to report to Aceh's young king. When he heard the news, the prince of  Rencong land was furious.

"What?! They rejected my proposal?!" exclaimed Aceh's viceroy angrily.

Feeling disappointed, the young king of Aceh became enraged and challenged Anak Dalam's king to war, which lasted for days and resulted in many casualties. The war continued. The bodies that had been lying around for days without being cared for began to rot. The king of Anak Dalam and his entire army couldn't stand the stench any longer.

"O my brethren! In accordance with my father's message, we are advised to flee to  Bungkuk mount if this country is no longer safe," said Anak Dalam's king.

Finally, Anak Dalam's king and his six brothers withdrew to Bungkuk Mountain. Meanwhile, the young prince of Aceh and his surviving troops returned to Rencong land without accomplishing anything.

The Bangkahulu Kingdom devolved into chaos following the deaths of its leaders. When they heard the news, four Pasirah (nobles) from Lebong Balik Bukit came to become kings there. However, after successfully controlling the country, they began fighting over territory.

According to the legend, an emperor settled Pasirah's fourth dispute. He was the Pagaruyung kingdom's envoy to travel, a kingdom in Minangkabau ruled by a royal emperor. Finally, the four pasirah went to Sultan Pagaruyung and requested that the just and wise divine emperor be appointed king of Bangkahulu. Their request was granted. The royal emperor's coronation ceremony was also held in the Pagaruyung Kingdom Hall.

His Majesty then left for Bangkahulu, accompanied by hundreds of guards and the four Pasirahs. When he arrived, the coronation ceremony as King of the State was also completed. However, just as the ceremony was about to begin, the sky darkened and it began to rain heavily, accompanied by strong winds. The ceremony was eventually postponed by mutual agreement while the weather cleared. However, the rain and storm did not stop until late at night.

The emperor dreamed that night of seeing an angel dancing in the middle of a rainstorm. Despite the rain, the angel's body remained completely dry. The angel then made his way to Mount Bungkuk. His Majesty told the four Pasirahs about his dream the next day, and they asked a soothsayer to interpret it.

"Well, sire. It turned out that the beautiful angel in his dream was Princess Gading Cempaka, the daughter of the ruler of this region in the past. Now, he lives in Bungkuk Mountain with his six siblings. If you can bring him here, he will set this country back up again safely. According to my prediction, Princess Gading Cempaka will later become the mother of the kings in this country," said the fortune teller.

When the royal emperor learned about this, he was eager to propose to Princess Gading Cempaka. He then dispatched the four Pasirahs and some of their bodyguards to fetch Princess Gading Cempaka from Bungkuk mountain. When they arrive, they are greeted by Anak Dalam's king and all of his brothers.

"Forgive me, His Majesty! We are messengers from my lord the emperor, and I was requested to bring my lord Princess Gading Cempaka and all the gentlemen because his majesty plans to nominate my master, the Princess Gading Cempaka, to be queen in the nation of Bangkahulu," the envoys explained.

According to their father's will, Anak Dalam's king and his brothers accepted the Emperor's request. Finally, Princess Gading Cempaka was married to the Emperor in Bangkahulu. The event was vibrant since it coincided with the Emperor's coronation as King of the State of Bangkahulu.

Following the marriage, a beautiful new palace was constructed as the seat of power. The kingdom's name was changed to Sungai Lemau Kingdom since the palace was in Kuala Sungai Lemau. His Majesty the emperor ruled the realm in a prudent and sensible manner. He married his queen, and they had a happy marriage. This is the tale of Princess Gading Cempaka.