rejang tribe krilu traditional musical instrument
Mr. H. Haludin, a Krilu artist

The flute, also known as the bamboo flute, is one of the musical instruments that is frequently used in various musical performances, particularly in traditional music performances. As we all know, the flute is a blowing-based musical instrument, and it also has an aerophone, which means that the sound it produces is produced by the wind.


Although it belongs to the same family as flutes, the krilu is played solo, commonly when tending to animals or watching over rice that is about to turn yellow. It can also be built from rice stalk fragments. According to legend, Pataiju Angin, a young man from Tunggang Village, which is close to the Ketahun river, utilized this Krilu. In the river, there is a large and wide stone where Patai Juangin placed a bowl filled with orange juice or "Langia" before bathing in the Ketahun river. The enormous, wide stone has been referred to as the "Stone of Langia Patai Juangin" by the locals up to this point.

When Patai Juangin was bathing near the rock, a piece of bamboo with a bird perched on it floated by. At first, Patai Juangin ignored the bamboo and the bird, but they appeared to drift back across Patai Juangin up to three times before they were eventually grabbed. Patai Juangin's work. Patai Juangin finally decided to take the initiative to convert the bamboo pieces into a flute since he frequently plays a flute fashioned from rice stalks, or puput, which is ultimately known as KRILU.

When Patai Juangin first started blowing Krilu in his yard, which lies next to the community bath on the Ketahun River, the girls were in the bath and the music was very lovely and melancholy.

The girls who were in the bath were distracted by Krilu's beautiful voice and melodious sound, making them forget their duties, until the clothes were washed away by the river, and some were even washing rice without the girl knowing it. Patai Juangin was blowing Krilu in his yard, which is next to the community bath on the Ketahun river, when this incident occurred. In the end, Patai Juangin's father lost his temper with his son because he believed that Krilu's voice was to blame for individuals not completing their responsibilities.

Once, Patai Juangin was shocked to see that his father had destroyed Krilu in the yard when he returned from playing with his friends because his father had been restless due to Krilu's pleasant voice, which had led the villagers to neglect their jobs.When Patai Juangin first got the bamboo pieces, he discovered bird oil, which he used to fix the damaged Krilu. Miraculously, the damaged Krilu could be restored to its original condition. Finally, following the incident, Patai Juangin wandered off while toting Krilu, and nobody knew where he ended up.

Mr. H. Haludin, also known as Datuk Krilu, is a Krilu artist and the founder of the "Ratu Agung" studio in Lebong Regency, Prov. Bengkulu.